Our Amazing Family Cruise to Alaska!

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Our trip to Vancouver and Princess cruise through Alaska was truly a trip-of-a-lifetime! I can’t recommend it enough, and for all age groups. We had 12 family members in our party. From our nieces (ages 7 & 10), to me & John, John’s brother & sister-in-law (the 30-something crowd), to John’s mom & two aunts, and our sister-in-law’s parents (ages ‘they’d definitely kill me if I said anything specific’ so let’s just say they are all retired and end it there ha)- there really was something for everyone on this trip!

After embarking from Vancouver, Canada

John and I went to Vancouver a few days early and kicked off the trip just the two of us! {We happened to have my family’s annual reunion already booked when this Alaska cruise came about so we had two family vacations back-to-back and we knew we’d need some time just us to reconnect between it all 🙂 } We arrived in Vancouver Sunday afternoon and stayed until our cruise departed on Wednesday. The rest of the crew met us in Vancouver Tuesday afternoon so they also got to see a bit of the city too before we left for Alaska.

Canada Place in Vancouver

The seven day cruise stopped at three ports, Ketchikan, Juneau, and Skagway, concluding in Whittier, Alaska. We took Princess Cruise’s Island Princess ship on a one-way journey called Voyage of the Glaciers. This was my first cruise so I don’t have anything personally to compare it to as far as other cruises go but will try my best to give you some comparisons/feedback based on our family’s comments along with my initial cruise experience thoughts. {Basically we loved it!!}

Our family-friendly trip through Alaska- from Vancouver to an Alaskan cruise!
Portage Lake in Whittier, Alaska

Every week for the next three months will be ‘Wanderlust Wednesday’ as I breakdown the cruise in multiple posts so I can give each port and section of the trip it’s own proper spotlight- cause it really deserves it! If there’s anything I don’t cover specifically you have questions on, feel-free to comment or ask me 🙂

I’ll be back next Wednesday to discuss our Vancouver visit first!


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Our family-friendly summer cruise to Alaska beginning in Vancouver, Canada!


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