House & Home

Both of our houses are never-ending lists of projects that I’m quite certain we’ll NEVER finish. But doesn’t seem to stop us from tearing apart walls and trying to fix it all anyway!

From fireplace redo’s 20150215_114049 20150215_114153 20160402_165714.jpg 20160402_183415 20160403_104105
Still not completed obviously ha, but getting there! …sorta 😉

To a DIY coffee display from an IKEA kitchen cart 20160313_180205

DIY Coffee cart from IKEA Kitchen island

Living room furniture upgrades {FINALLY!}
And after!

To making a DIY sofa table from the dining room table leaves that were just being stored in a closet 20160429_105904 20160429_105927.jpg
Stained or painted legs coming soon!
These are just a small example of what we’re tearing down and building up at home! From using Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint, to needing to call in reinforcements for a huge kitchen remodel, we look forward to sharing DIY tips and tricks we discover along the way!