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I’m Brittany, a 30-something newlywed and real estate agent with my hunky husband, John.

Our wedding day getaway

We live in beautiful Central Florida with our spoiled-rotten fur babies, Cami and Henry Agador-Sparticus {Yes, that’s The Birdcage you’re thinking of}.


Cami is our blue-eyed beauty Siberian Husky that can out-awkward anyone and doesn’t understand why we won’t keep all the doors open at all times.

Her dream day is leading us through a trail off-leash, swimming in the lake, and taking a long car ride with the windows down to get dog treats.

Henry Agador-Sparticus is our handsome 20+ pound rescue cat that likes us and only us, no matter how hard you may try to impress him.




He spends all day napping in the most random places, wants to eat 30 small meals a day instead of 2 regular ones, and is usually the instigator in the wrestling matches between him and Cami.


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My husband has to remind me daily why I can’t adopt all the animals. Someday I want a goat named Otis, a chicken named Fancy, and a pig named Petunia.

Laziest & happiest pets in all the land!


I love farmhouse anything, blue and white everything, tacos, Billy Joel, Pinterest, people that you can tell are living their dream {whatever that may be!}, and CHEESE. I struggle with anxiety, finding the balance between natural and convenience, and not understanding why hate is the side winning in the world right now.

We are always game for a costume party! Living the dream as 80’s *Rockstars*

We eat vegetarian at home {with the exception of a little seafood}, love cocktails on the couch for Friday night plans, and talk frequently about our hopes to build a compound on the water for our family all to move to.


I couldn’t live without my husband, our family & friends, La Croix sparkling water, laughter, green trees & blue skies, curse words, and super-terrible-for-me Hazelnut creamer in my Nespresso every morning.


I tend to over-explain and use more words than necessary and have an addiction to commas and parenthesis so I apologize in advance 🙂 I’m not a writer by trade {ha, no surprise there} but I am a reader and I love to connect to people. I want you to know how excited I am that you dropped by and I hope you visit Our East & West again soon!

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